Which Electric Scooter Should I Buy? - A Comprehensive Guide

This comprehensive guide provides information on pricing features tools research domestic & China campaigns & more! Get informed & buy an electric scooter.

Which Electric Scooter Should I Buy? - A Comprehensive Guide

This comprehensive guide is the definitive resource for buying an electric scooter. Get informed on pricing, features and tools to help you research, domestic and directly from China. Publicly funded campaigns have the support of their audience. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Here's why you can trust us. Perfect for urban travel, this electric scooter comes with every detail, from a battery that will give you up to 25 miles of travel and a decent top speed of 18.6 miles per hour, to an LED panel, three speed modes, application support and even cruise control. It has a 20% slope slope, making it ideal for use in cities with mixed terrain, and an IPX5 water resistance rating, making it ideal for splashes and light rain. And, while it's not exactly the lightest that exists, it's easy to fold and store. Read our full review of the Segway Ninebot MAX G30LP.

This slim e-scooter weighs less than 30 pounds and can run a respectable 18 miles on a single charge. It's also pretty fast, peaking at 20 mph, which is better than most models in its price range. As we discovered in our full review of the TurboAnt M10, the scooter feels sturdy during use and, thanks to the 10-inch tires, it also sails quite smoothly. Designed to be extremely portable, this electric scooter weighs just 23.2 pounds, one of the lightest in existence, and has a beautifully designed folding system that reduces it to just 8.7 inches thick. The Mi 3 includes regenerative brakes and sailing to extend the range, along with a combination of double disc brakes and EABS to help you stop faster.

8.5-inch air-filled tires provide a smooth ride and a new support design ensures quick folding so you can pick them up. The Yadea KS5 Pro is a giant scooter, with a high handlebar, a 7-inch wide footrest and a weight of 46 pounds. In fact, this is great if you intend to use it on the road, as it feels much safer than some of the more miniature models. The other good thing about its weight is that it means it has a large battery and motor, which offer a range of 37 miles and a top speed of 21.8 mph, respectively. It also accelerates quickly, so you don't feel like you're delaying traffic from the traffic light.

In fact, you could beat some misplaced people. The maximum speed is only 24 km/h and the slope is 14%, so we wouldn't count on it if you live in a mountainous city. However, for fairly flat places, it's more than up to the task, especially if you live in states where the speed limit for motorized scooters is 15 mph, such as California, for example. Another advantage worth mentioning is that it's surprisingly lightweight. Of course, it has a smaller battery, but generally lighter scooters tend to cost more. This one weighs just over 27 pounds.

Combine that with its foldable capacity and you can certainly take it with you to the office with you without problems. Long trips to work on electric stand-up scooters aren't exactly everyone's cup of tea. But if it's yours or if you just don't bother charging it every day then you'll appreciate the 30-mile range per charge of the Turboant X7 Pro electric scooter. It may not be the longest range scooter out there but it's certainly close to the top of the list. It gets our vote as it also keeps the price low: for a similar price as many of the mid-range offerings here it offers an impressive range in addition to a top speed of 20 mph and a weight of 33 pounds.

It's hard to beat that price-performance value all thanks to that 10 Ah battery which by the way is removable. So if you're really bad at remembering to charge you can pay another one and only get paid on the weekends when you don't have to leave home. In most cases the four functions mentioned above are the ones you'd like to prioritize. Many electric scooters offer a range or battery life of up to 18 to 25 miles which is more than enough for daily trips to work let alone for running quick errands. If your office is more than 15 miles from your home it's best to take the car or train anyway. However there are also quite a few electric scooters that only offer a range of 10 miles or less; only opt for one of them if you can charge it sufficiently at your first destination or if you plan to use it only for short trips. When it comes to speed electric scooters for adults offer a maximum speed of between 15 mph and 80 mph. Although your first instinct may be to get the one with the highest number you'll first want to check how quickly you can get it on the road. Federal law states that bicycles and motorized scooters can only travel at speeds of up to 40 km/h and each state and some cities also set their own limits. In California for example electric scooters can only run at 15 mph even on 40 km/h roads however if you plan to carry it with you while traveling having a higher maximum speed limit could benefit you in the long run just keep in mind that you'll pay more for it. Also consider the weight and portability of an electric scooter.

Many of the best electric scooters in the U. S. UU They are foldable for easy transport and storage undoubtedly this is useful when you have to take it with you to your office to store it safely if you have to climb stairs or when there is no bicycle carrier handy to chain it. However these scooters will never be too light despite their minimalist size most electric scooters for adults weigh 30...