Can I Use an Electric Scooter in Montreal?

Find out if it's legal to use an electric scooter in Montreal, what laws you need to follow, and how you can stay safe while riding.

Can I Use an Electric Scooter in Montreal?

Electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular in Canada, and Montreal is no exception. The Quebec government has announced that it will legalize electric scooters in the province, so it is legal to use privately owned electric scooters in Montreal as long as you comply with current laws. In Quebec, bicycles and scooters are allowed on bike paths, and electric bicycles are also allowed as long as they have a maximum power of 500 watts and do not exceed 32 kilometers per hour. The second pilot project allows municipalities to test the use of low-speed electric scooters through self-service rental services.

Low-speed electric scooters cannot be used on a public road or on a bicycle path that is next to public roads. With more electric scooters and e-bikes touring Montreal's bike lanes, some of the city's cyclists and pedestrians are concerned about their safety. The first is mainly for employers who want to make electric scooters available to their employees to facilitate their trips to work. Gliding through city streets on an electric scooter can transform your daily commute to work into an exciting ride.

The city of Montreal created more than 200 parking spaces designed specifically for electric scooters shared by companies like Lime and Bird, but a Feb. 19 city report revealed that people were leaving them anywhere and everywhere, preventing general traffic. It is important to remember that when using an electric scooter, you should always wear a helmet and follow the laws of the province. Even with these less than optimal laws, the movement of electric scooters is taking place in Toronto and other cities in Ontario. If you want to learn more about the laws surrounding the use of electric scooters in British Columbia, visit the ICBC website.

The proof is that certain levels of government in different provinces have begun to take steps to make their city or province more friendly to electric scooters. Alex Malenfant says he has been driving his electric scooter for the past two years and was completely unaware of the laws. It is important to be aware of all laws and regulations before using an electric scooter in any province or city in Canada.