Are Electric Scooters Allowed in Montreal?

Are you wondering if it's legal to ride an electric scooter in Montreal? Read this expert advice to find out all you need to know about using electric scooters in Montreal.

Are Electric Scooters Allowed in Montreal?

Are electric scooters allowed in Montreal? The answer is yes! It is legal to use privately owned electric scooters in the city as long as you comply with current laws. Electric scooters can be seen almost everywhere in the province, from bike lanes to streets. This section concludes that there are no legal restrictions on riding an electric scooter in Toronto, Quebec and Vancouver. Governments in different provinces have begun to take steps to make their city or province more friendly to electric scooters. Alex Malenfant has been driving his electric scooter for the past two years and was unaware of the laws.

Even with these less than optimal laws, the movement of electric scooters is taking place in Toronto and other cities in Ontario. Most electric bicycles in Quebec are hybrid bicycles with electric assistance and road bikes with electric assistance. Electric scooters can be ridden on sidewalks and bike lanes, since they don't require any license or registration with the government. It is estimated that there are currently more than 10,000 electric scooters in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Electric scooters are growing in popularity in Canada and can now be seen in cities like Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

Despite this growth, low-speed motorized electric foot scooters are illegal on public roads in Quebec, including walkways. Low-speed electric scooters cannot be used on a public road or on a bicycle path that is next to public roads, said the spokesman for the Quebec Ministry of Transportation, Louis-André Bertrand. It may be hard to believe, but riding an electric scooter is generally illegal in Quebec. Montreal has public (non-electric) bicycles from the municipality, as well as a lot of scooters and e-bikes from Uber and other companies. Electric scooters are also much cheaper than traditional bicycles because they don't require gasoline or oil to operate.

As part of a pilot project across the province, GeeBee's electric scooters are currently the only motorized electric scooter allowed on Quebec's highways, according to the province's auto insurance board (SAAQ).Some passengers have received fines for “lack of insurance” for a motor vehicle, not for driving an electric scooter. The second pilot project allows municipalities to test the use of low-speed electric scooters through self-service rental services.