When is the Best Time to Charge an Electric Scooter?

Learn when is best time to charge an electric scooter battery with this guide from experts! Find out why it's important to use original charger provided by manufacturer.

When is the Best Time to Charge an Electric Scooter?

You don't need to charge your electric scooter every day or after every trip. The best practice is to keep the battery between 30 and 80%. However, if you're going on a long journey, it's best to charge the scooter completely. It's also recommended to wait at least half an hour after driving to protect battery life.

If you leave your electric scooter outside and it's hot, it's best to let it cool down in a garage or in your house before charging it. For example, if your scooter takes about 3 hours to charge, plug it in after you get home from work and turn it off at night. If it takes 8 hours, you can plug it in before you go to sleep, let it charge overnight, and disconnect it in the morning. During charging, the power supply (the power outlet) applies a voltage to the battery, higher than the voltage produced by the battery.

So, for example, we can say that the battery has an input voltage of 42 V and perhaps an output voltage of 37 V, but the charger has an input voltage of 100-240 V and an output voltage of 42 V. Popular and economical electric scooters take 5 hours to charge on average, and leaving them to charge overnight can run the risk of overcharging. If your scooter's charging time is roughly the same as your sleep time, it's a good idea to charge it overnight. Otherwise, find another time to charge your scooter.

Tip: always use a suitable charger for your electric scooter, as the plugs and voltage may differ. We recommend using the original charger provided by the scooter company when the scooter was new. It can be difficult to guess an exact number of years, since many factors go into determining how long your electric scooter's battery will last. Some people choose to use chargers from another manufacturer or universal chargers, but using the specified charger can ensure that the electric scooter and battery are not damaged. Disconnect the charger and close the rubber cover before starting the cleaning process; otherwise, water leakage could damage the scooter and cause electric shock.

Most electric scooters come with an LED indicator light that turns green when charged, while some have a digital battery level indicator on the scooter screen. This way, you'll know exactly how much electricity (power, measured in watts) is needed to charge your scooter. Most electric scooters have a feature that allows you to turn them off and monitor the charging process. The problem is to build a circuit that converts it into a standard outlet where the electric scooter can be connected. As soon as you notice this, you need to charge your electric scooter and don't let the battery drain completely. We will analyze the cost of charging and the advantage of the electric scooter compared to cars and motorcycles in terms of price.

Charging a bicycle or electric scooter should take between three and four hours depending on the model. The battery is one of the most important (and expensive) parts of an electric scooter and must be well maintained and cared for. Many people put their electric scooters in their car trunk for quick and easy city visits. If you need a detailed list of charging times, see our detailed publication here or check out our electric scooter charging time calculator.