What electric scooter should i buy?

This comprehensive guide is the definitive resource for buying an electric scooter. After going around several models, we think the best electric scooter overall is the Unagi Model One (E500).

What electric scooter should i buy?

This comprehensive guide is the definitive resource for buying an electric scooter. After going around several models, we think the best electric scooter overall is the Unagi Model One (E500). This scooter has two motors, allowing it to climb hills better than the other models we tested. The Unagi has a large, bright screen, easy to use controls, a built-in speaker, and bright front and rear lights.

It also has a sleek design that's sure to attract attention, and you can even get a custom mask as a complement. If you need a scooter that can travel distances, we recommend the Segway Ninebot Kickscooter Max. While it weighs more than 40 pounds more than most models, it has a battery that will last up to 40 miles on one charge, which is twice that of many other scooters. And it's powerful enough to take you up pretty steep hills.

If you're looking for something for your child, be sure to check out the best electric scooters for kids, as well as our guide to the best bicycle helmets. If you're looking for electric skateboards, we recommend the Base Camp F11, which is the dream of every urban traveler. Thanks to its dual 250-watt motors, the Unagi Model One drives the hills with aplomb, moving twice as fast as other single-motor scooters. Using both motors (you can choose to use just one) causes battery life to drop significantly below the scooter's advertised 15-mile range.

Read our full review of Unagi Model One. For those with modest needs and modest budgets, the GoTrax GXL V2 is an excellent scooter. It's not the fastest nor does it have a particularly long range, but it's powerful enough to take you back and forth cheaply and comfortably. We especially liked the large 8.5-inch air-filled tires of the GXL V2, which softened the ride, and it has nice brakes with good grip, which will make you stop in no time.

While its 250 W motor won't win you any races, it was strong enough to carry us to a speed of about 15 MPH. However, he had trouble climbing the hills. But if all you need is a cheap scooter to get around your neighborhood, this is a great model to see. Read our full review of the GoTrax GXL V2.The Segway Ninebot Kickscooter Max is big and weighs more than 40 pounds, but everything weighs battery.

With an estimated range of 40 miles, the Kickscooter Max has more than twice the range of most other scooters, making it the best electric scooter for those who have long trips. In addition, with a powerful 350-watt rear-wheel drive motor and large 10-inch inflatable tires, the Kickscooter Max will not only be able to climb hills with ease, but it will also do so comfortably. In our tests, it was second only to the Unagi in maintaining its speed as we climbed steep inclines. We also really liked the Kickscooter Max's bell, which was strong and strong enough to keep people out of our way.

Read our full review of the Segway Ninebot Kickscooter Max. Even so, at 57 pounds, this is a fairly heavy electric scooter, it's not our first choice if you have to carry it up a flight of stairs and its locking mechanism is more delicate than what you'll find on many other electric scooters. But otherwise, this is a fun and fast electric scooter with a good built-in safety feature. Read our full review of Apollo City.

The Swagtron Swagger 5 Elite is another affordable scooter, although this one is slightly faster at a top speed of 29 km/h. It is well equipped, with a foldable chassis, a 250-watt motor and an air-filled front tire, allowing for a smooth ride. The Swagger 5 weighs 27.5 pounds and supports up to 320 pounds on the go. It also comes with a shock-absorbing spring and a phone holder, which you can use to monitor the Swagger's maximum speed and battery charge, along with the Swagtron add-on app.

However, its range is slightly more limited and it costs more to climb hills than scooters like the Glion Dolly. Read our full Swagtron Swagger 5 review. Thanks to its ultra-foldable design, the Glion Dolly is the best electric scooter for those who have to carry it on public transport. The Dolly platform is foldable and, weighing 27.3 pounds, is light enough to climb a flight of stairs on the way home.

It can reach maximum speeds of 15 miles per hour and takes approximately 15 miles of roaming, making it a good choice for residents of small cities. This is a fast electric scooter. Thanks to its 1000 watt motor, the Apollo Explore can reach speeds of up to 31 miles per hour, fast enough to keep up with local traffic. The rugged motor also takes you up hills with ease.

In addition, since it has double suspension and air-filled tires, it offers a smooth ride, even when driving on the most rugged roads. We also liked the Explore's colorful screen, but it was difficult to read in daylight. You won't win any drag races with the GoTrax XR Ultra, but this affordable electric scooter will get you where you need to go. Its 8.5-inch air-filled tires provided a comfortable ride, even without additional suspension, and its 300-watt motor was powerful enough to get us going.

I wish the XR Ultra had a rear brake light, but in this price range, that's a feature not often found. Weighing 26.5 pounds, the XR Ultra doesn't weigh much, so most people should be able to climb it up a flight of stairs. However, we found the locking mechanism of the rear fender to be a bit temperamental. However, overall, it's a good electric scooter at a good price.

The Razor E100 is available in a variety of colors and styles, so you should be able to find the model that best suits your child's personality. Just remember to buy them a helmet. One caveat of the E100 is that it uses a chain drive motor, which can be louder than hub motors and may require some maintenance over time. In addition, the E100 lacks a bell or reflectors of any kind, so you'll want to buy some at a bike store to help make your child more visible on the road.

Read our full review of the Razor E100 electric scooter. While the Segway EmoPed C80 is not an electric scooter in and of itself, it shares many of the same features as the other models on this page, since its top speed is around 20 miles per hour, to keep in line with motor vehicle laws. It has a range of about 40 miles (less in practice), but is very comfortable and easy to drive. How are you going to use the bike? How you plan to use your scooter will go a long way in determining the best electric scooter for your needs.

If you use it as a last-mile vehicle that takes you from home to the bus or train and then from the bus or train to your office, you'll want to prioritize an electric scooter that's small and lightweight. Look for a scooter that weighs between 20 and 30 pounds. Do you cycle through mountainous terrain? Where you plan to drive your scooter should also help determine your purchase. If you live in a flatter area, a scooter with a 300W to 350W motor should give you all the power you need.

However, if you live in, for example, San Francisco, you'll want a scooter with a stronger motor to get around. Older people should also consider electric scooters with more powerful motors. The vast majority of electric scooters are designed to travel at speeds of 15 miles per hour. More expensive models can reach speeds of up to 20 MPH.

Others can go even faster. We've seen (and driven) models that exceed 30 MPH, but here you're getting into a gray area when it comes to state motor vehicle laws and regulations. A typical electric scooter will have a 250 to 350 watt motor, which should be more than enough for most city bikes on level terrain. As you go up in price, you'll find scooters with motors of 500 watts or more, which are useful if you need to climb steeper hills.

At the top, you'll find 800 to 1000 watt motors, which not only make climbing hills a breeze, but can also take you to much faster speeds. Commuter scooters don't have to be the fastest, but it helps if they can manage at least 15 mph for a long time so you don't stop anyone on the bike path. We also looked at braking mechanisms, including hydraulic disc brakes, which are the best for braking quickly and safely at maximum speeds, and mechanical disc brakes, which are considered to be the second best because of their reliability. Additional features, such as headlights, reflectors and the available speedometer, are also included in our selections for travelers.

The Segway Ninebot Kickscooter Max outperforms all others by balancing performance, portability and design in an attractive package. It may not be the most affordable electric scooter on the market, but it's undoubtedly the best electric scooter you'll find in life with the pleasure of driving. Thanks to its powerful motor, its double braking system and a long battery life that will last you up to 65 km on a single charge, depending on the model, it is practically the complete package. It even has a 20% mountain slope, making it ideal for hill dwellers, and is water resistant for inhabitants of humid regions.

You'll be surprised how solid and well made the TurboAnt M10 is considering its price. It's our choice with the best value for money because of its affordable price, its rugged construction that's better than any of its rivals in this price range, and an incredibly lightweight design. To take a couple of hundred dollars off its label, TurboAnt has stripped it of additional luxuries, which we don't mind at all, since none of them really affect its overall performance and ease of use. We have spent quite a bit of time with this electric scooter and have found that it is much more capable than it seems.

It has great shock absorption, thanks in large part to its 10-inch tires, which means you'll drive without problems even on a bumpy road. Of course, there are sacrifices to be made. The terrace isn't as spacious and isn't ideal for climbing. But, for regular trips to the city, this is the best electric scooter.

However, its performance is what you would expect in this range, with a maximum of 30 km/h and with 10-inch tires that help offer a smoother ride. In addition, its double rear shock absorber should help a lot on the most rugged roads. The Unagi Model One E500 could be the most elegant and futuristic electric scooter out there, not to mention that it's impressively light and easy to transport. Plus, its huge glossy LCD panel looks just as elegant.

But it doesn't lag behind in performance either. A solid drive that promotes a 1000 W motor definitely has plenty of power for more than just urban travel. That motor should help you take your cyclist uphill faster than other electric scooters. Read our full review of the Unagi Model One E500 Don't read too much about the specifications of this one.

The V8 may only have a 450 W engine, which to be fair is already powerful in its own right, but the fact that it is a front-hub motor means that it has the ability to “take off” by distributing weight forward. Therefore, it offers a faster start, allowing you to reach high speeds more quickly. Of course, the fact that it has two batteries means it has an impressively long range (50 miles to be exact) that TurboAnt combines with fast charging capabilities. You'll also have an additional charger so you can remove the removable battery and charge both simultaneously, saving you time.

If you are looking for a much more powerful electric scooter and don't mind having a bigger and heavier one, this is the best electric scooter for you. Read our full review of the Pure Air Pro (202) The Xiaomi M365 Pro (also known as the Mi Electric Scooter Pro) is a mid-priced scooter with specifications that compete with much more expensive models. With a large platform, a non-slip handlebar, integrated lights and reflectors, it is one of the most practical scooters in its price range and feels safe and comfortable to ride even in bad weather and at night. The M365 Pro takes a long time to charge, but the battery capacity is much higher than that of the normal Xiaomi M365, resulting in a much more impressive battery life.

We were able to make four 4.3-mile trips on a single charge, and the performance will be even better if you slow down. A great and practical electric scooter for its price. Read our full review of the Xiaomi M365 Pro The Kugoo Kirin G3 is an amazing scooter with an impressive profile at height, which has a 936 Wh and 1200 W engine that gives it a range of 70 km (37 miles) and a top speed of 50 km/h (about 31 miles). It is an impressive piece of equipment whose maximum speed and high acceleration do not lag behind cars in large metropolitan areas.

Of course, their 10.5-inch off-road tires make it easy to drive, even if you have to do it on unpaved roads. During the tests, we had no range problems and we were able to approach and descend hills thanks to its powerful motor and its 30-degree slope. In addition, we found that its platform is very effective in keeping your feet in place during high-speed trips. Its black and orange color combination may not be for everyone, but there's no denying that it adds a touch of style and an elegant look that means business.

Read our full review of the Kugoo Kirin G3 The experts at Segway know a thing or two about riding on two wheels, and that experience has helped them build one of the best electric scooters on the market, while keeping its price surprisingly affordable. Its real-world performance will depend on how and where you drive, but the Segway-Ninebot ES4 electric scooter has an estimated range of 45 miles and a top speed of 18.6 mph, making it one of the fastest scooters in this price range. Also consider the maximum speed, although consider the rules for electric scooters in your city, state or country. In the U.S.

In the US, different states have different laws on electric scooters, and some cities also impose their own (or completely ban them on public roads, unfortunately). In Los Angeles, the maximum speed of electric scooters is 24 km/h, which means that getting to anything with a maximum speed of 48 km/h can be unnecessary, especially if you pay a lot. Of course, there's also battery life. Some of the best electric scooters give you a week of use before you need to charge them.

However, the most common thing is that electric scooters only give you two or three days to go to work. However, that largely depends on the miles you travel each day. An 18-mile electric scooter should last about three days if you have an average of three miles per trip, but you may need to charge it every night if you travel more than eight miles per trip. That depends largely on the model of electric scooter you have and what ingress protection (IP) rating you have.

Most electric scooters for commuting to work have protection against water jets from all directions, giving them an IPX5 or IPX6 rating. However, it is not recommended to use them during rain, especially in case of heavy downpours, most likely in case of floods. This Spotify Tabata workout playlist helps me burn fat in 4-minute intervals. If you're trying to decide which electric scooter to buy, it's important to consider your personal circumstances.

Electric scooters are available in a wide range of different sizes, and the right choice for you depends on what you want to use them for. Electric scooter motors are measured in watts. They start at 200 watts and increase to more than 5000 watts. The size of a scooter's motor is important because it basically dictates how much power the scooter has.

This affects your ability to accelerate and climb hills. For example, 250 watts are usually sufficient to travel on flat terrain. But you should opt for a more powerful engine if you plan to climb hills regularly. All scooters have an advertised range.

This is the distance a scooter can travel on a single charge. The more you plan to ride, the greater the range you'll need. You should also aim for a higher range than you expect to use. The range of a scooter is based on the distance traveled on flat terrain.

It also assumes that the battery is fully charged. Many electric scooters start to have less energy the longer you have them. All scooters have a maximum speed. It's usually around 15 mph and is fast enough for most purposes.

If you're traveling to a city, you'll probably spend a lot of time driving slower than that. It is possible to spend more money and buy a scooter that goes at a speed of up to 40 miles per hour. But higher speeds aren't usually practical. Most areas have a speed limit for scooters, and the faster you go, the easier it will be to fall.

Electric scooters only support a certain weight. This usually ranges from 100 to 120 kg. If you weigh more than this, it's important to choose a scooter with a higher limit. It's possible to ride a motorcycle regardless of your weight, but it's not recommended to exceed the limit.

An overloaded scooter will not reach the highest speeds, will not accelerate properly and may have difficulty braking. Scooters have tires or solids. Air-filled tires or tires are superior because they offer better shock absorption against the ground. This makes the scooter more comfortable to ride and easier to control.

It is important to note that pneumatic tires require regular maintenance and that some versions are easy to pierce. Solid (or airless) tires don't require as much maintenance and are therefore popular with people who want a scooter that is always ready to use. The problem with solid tires is that they don't absorb impacts and are therefore not comfortable for driving on uneven surfaces. Many electric scooters have suspension on the front, rear, or on both wheels.

Suspension is important if you plan to ride on a lot of rough terrain. It is also useful for traveling long distances, as it makes riding a scooter more comfortable. Suspension is not strictly necessary because high-quality tires can perform the same function. Some electric scooters are significantly heavier than others.

This is largely irrelevant for some purposes. But if you're planning to take a motorcycle with you, it's a good idea to look for something light. It's worth noting that, as a result, faster scooters with longer ranges tend to be heavier. That limitation makes the scooter more difficult to store and transport; literally, no other scooter we've tested omits this feature.

Buying an electric scooter can be a formidable challenge, there are an overwhelming number of options and things to consider. If you're looking for an electric scooter to go to work to solve the last-mile problem on your daily route, it's important to consider your weight. Segway experts know a thing or two about riding on two wheels, and that experience has helped them build one of the best electric scooters on the market, while keeping its price surprisingly affordable. Electric scooters are everywhere today, and are used by travelers, students, and anyone looking to avoid the hassles of public transportation or the expense of a car.

Thinking about maintenance before buying an electric scooter will save you from unnecessary problems in the future. Meanwhile, TurboAnt has the art of building rugged electric scooters for work that also feel luxurious when driving, mastered. Riding a car or even biking at 15 mph feels different than driving an electric scooter at that speed because of tires and acceleration. The Glion Balto is the best electric scooter for those who want something they can use to pick up food or carry things to and from the store.

The Geneinno S2 may not be the fastest or most powerful water scooter, but the lightweight electric scooter weighs just 5.9 pounds and fits in a backpack, making it a good choice for flights or vacation getaways. A quality brake system is essential to maintaining safety and control while riding an electric scooter. . .